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Electric Lint Remover

Electric Lint Remover

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PremiumHouseholds revolutionary Electric Lint Roller uses a rotating internal blade that rotates to instantly remove and collect any lint from your clothes and furniture. The design is safety proof, the Lint Roller has a protector that allows no damage to the fabric or your hands.

Easy to use, just turn it on and pass it over the desired fabric, in one sweep you will see all the excess lint removed. It sucks them into the storage compartment which is removable so you can easily clean it.

Our newly designed lint remover for clothes allows you to say goodbye to the annoying hoarding and pet hair on socks, t-shirts and more that you were willing to throw in the trash. The Lint Roller restores old clothes and offers furtnite cleaning so that they look as good as when they were new. With Universal USB portable fast charging it will not take long to be fully charged.

It is safe for all fabrics so you do not have to worry about ruining the place or product you wanna remove the lint from.

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-Colors: White, Green

-Material: Eco-friendly ABS Plastic

-Product length: 16 cm

-Product width: 7 cm

-Product height: 7.5 cm

-Product weight: 180 g

-Chargable: Yes

-Power: 8W

-Duration when fully charged: 4 Hours

-Battery capacity: 1200mA

Whats in the box

-Box sizes may vary depending on country

-1 Rechargable Electric Lint Remover

-USB Cable: Included

remove any unwanted lint

Are you tired of dealing with unsightly lint on your clothes or couch? Do you find yourself spending too much time picking off lint manually? Our lint remover is the solution you've been looking for! Our innovative sliding mesh knife net effectively removes all lint from your fabric, leaving it clean and fresh.