About us

Welcome to PremiumHousehold™, where your home, is our passion.

Who are we?

PremiumHousehold™ was founded in The Netherlands in 2022. We are a small group of hardworking and dedicated people who are looking to make a change in the householding industry. The idea came about when one of our members, who recently finished his studies at university decided to start his own business since he has been passionate about entrepreneurship from a young age, He later shared his idea about starting Premiumhousehold™, We are a small group of friends who intend on making a positive change.

Together, we have spent hundreds of hours building the best store we can imagine, partnering up with multiple verified companies to provide high-quality products.

We truly care about making your shopping experience with PremiumHousehold™ as enjoyable as we can. Sadly since we are just beginning it is hard for us to minimize our shipping times, we truly intend on making a change to this as fast as possible we hope you are patient with us for the time being.

Our primary focus is on providing you with the best products and that's why our company is built on these three core principles:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Sustainable materials
  • High-quality products

We believe that serving our customers upholds a responsibility to ensure that they are satisfied with our services. We are always available to answer all your questions. We are proud to say that most of our products are made from sustainable materials.

Enjoy your shopping at PremiumHousehold™!