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Waterproof Phone Mount

Waterproof Phone Mount

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Why PremiumHouseholds Waterproof Phone Mount? 

Our Waterproof Phone Mount is 100% waterproof and anti-fog, made from premium ABS and friendly materials. It has a double-layer waterproof structure and is designed specifically for use in the shower. With a easy to install design, it allows you to watch videos, make phone calls, or play music at any suitable angle without having to take your phone out of the holder.

The holder also has a 0.25mm sensitivity touch screen, allowing you to freely slide your phone screen and use it as you would normally. It is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, including the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S21, and can hold devices with screen sizes ranging from 10 to 17.5 cm (4 to 6.8 inches).

Easy to install: Wipe the location you want to stick it on with a rag, after tear off the non-marking sticker. Stick the non-marking on the location of choice and squeeze out the air. Press the Phone mount hard and hold for a minute. Let it stay for a little bit and enjoy!


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-Colors: White, Blue

-Material: Eco-friendly ABS Plastic

-Suitable for phones under 17.5 cm

-Product length: 20 cm.

-Product width: 12 cm

-Product height: 2.8 cm

-360° rotatable

-100% waterproof

Whats in the box

-Waterproof Phone Mount: included

-Glue Stickers: included

-Box length: 25 cm

-Box width: 15 cm

-Box height: 5 cm

Watch whatever you want, wherever you want.

With our Waterproof Phone Mount you can use your mobile phone in the kitchen, shower, bathtub, pool, hot tub, or wherever your phone needs to stay dry. Just fasten it to your wall and enjoy!

Our new design will make sure not a single drop of water will reach your phone