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Water Tap Extender

Water Tap Extender

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Our new upgraded Water Tap Extender has 3 rotating parts, which can rotate 1080°
degrees. The front and rear gears are freely adjustable, more convenient for washing your face, hair or any other places your water tap can not reach.

Using high-quality materials with good copper and stainless steel, it is rust proof, safe and durable making it last for the years to come. The chrome finished surface is well polished and electroplated, bright and shiny for an appealing look.

Easy to install: Install in 2 minutes. With our product we added the correct gear so you can install it in a matter of minutes. Also included is an instruction manual so you don't have to worry.

Featuring four-layer filter inside the aerator parts. Removes impurities and brings cleaner water

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-Color: Silver

-Material: Copper, Stainless steel, Brass

-Water flow speed: 4.5 Liters per minute

-Product length: 9.5 cm

-Product width: 3 cm

-Product weight: 200 g

Whats in the box

-Faucet head: included

-Wrench: included

-Washer: included

-1080 Degree Swivel Arms Faucet Aerator: included

-Box length: 30 cm

-Box width: 24 cm

-Box height: 3 cm

-User Guide: included

Our way to make your faucet more versatile

No more mouthwash cups. The mouthwash cup deposits limescale. If it is not cleaned every day, it is easy to breed bacteria. It is convenient and hygienic to directly inject the mouthwash running water.

With our Water Tap Extender you don't need to use your hands to catch water to wash your face directly

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