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Automatic Cup Washer

Automatic Cup Washer

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The Automatic Cup Washer is an great product to add to your kitchen appliances. It is perfect for quick and easy cleaning of any type of cup or glass. Our cup washing machine makes sure to get rid of all stains. The high-pressure water jets are able to reach into all the nooks and crannies, removing any residue in seconds. Whether you’re washing baby bottles, wine glasses, or travel cups, this handy rinser makes the job quick and easy.


-Easy to operate with one hand, just press the high pressure nozzle with the cup mouth down.

-Fashionable atmosphere, versatile appearance, easy to clean, no rust.

 -Multi angle spray washing, faster and cleaner, one press immediately spray washing, pick up automatically close.

-Standard intake, versatility, widely suitable for commercial and household bar.

-Easy Installation, just attach the supply line (included in product) to either the cold or hot water supply line.

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-Colors: Black, Silver

-Material: RVS

-Dishwasher friendly: Yes

-Product length: 10 cm

-Product width: 10 cm

-Product height: 3 cm

-Diameter: 13 cm

-Product weight: 519 g

Whats in the box

-Nozzle: included

-ABS housing: included

-Supply line: included

-Tee connector: included

-Box length: 23 cm

-Box width: 17.1 cm

-Box height: 7.4 cm

-User Guide: included

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